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Acrostic Poem – Community services

Posted by on 2012/04/21

Dear Students

Write an acrostic poem about one of the community services

e.g Education – Health … etc

Hope you enjoy learning with us

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124 Responses to Acrostic Poem – Community services

  1. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad Dawood
    you mised two letters
    But thank you

  2. Tariq Refaat

    Ahmad Ali
    Very nice comment
    BUT What do you mean by this dialogue

  3. Tariq Refaat

    Khalid Alamery
    Thank you

  4. Tariq Refaat

    Abdullah saeed Alnaqbi
    Great poem
    thank you

  5. Tariq Refaat

    Hamad almzrouey
    Thank you

  6. Tariq Refaat

    Sultan Khames
    Thank you

  7. Tariq Refaat

    Ateeq Alqemzy
    Thank you

  8. Tariq Refaat

    Mansour Jasem
    care about your spelling
    I’ll save
    will be in safe

  9. Tariq Refaat

    Ali Mahmoud
    Thank you

  10. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad Abdelrazzaq
    Thank you

  11. Tariq Refaat

    Ahmad abdulhameed
    Good poem

  12. Tariq Refaat

    Rashed Ahmad
    Thank you
    Nice poem

  13. Tariq Refaat

    saif Bin kalban
    very nice poem
    Thank you

  14. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad alamoudi
    Thank you
    but care about the following

  15. Tariq Refaat

    Humaid Alnoaimy
    very nice poem
    Thank you

  16. Tariq Refaat

    Sultan Alnahdi
    Thank you

  17. Tariq Refaat

    Khalid Mohamad
    Care about your spelling
    a thief
    let’s call

  18. Tariq Refaat

    mohammad alshehhi
    Thank you
    but you should carte about spelling
    in safe

  19. Tariq Refaat

    Mohammad rashed
    Thank you

  20. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad Alhosani
    Thank you
    very nice poem

  21. Saeed Ali Al romaithi

    acrostic poem on healthy

    h-healthy food
    e-eat a lot
    a-are you healthy
    l-loving food
    t-tapping your foot
    h-you say ”healthy food”
    y-yeah yeah yeah

  22. Tariq Refaat

    Saeed alrumathy
    Thank you

  23. خالد عمر

    Caring together
    One big group
    Made by the people
    Made by our differences
    Under one sky
    Neighbors and friends
    In perfect harmony
    Together we can
    Yes, together we can

  24. Tariq Refaat

    Khalid Omar
    Thank you

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