EMSA All Subjects Grade 3 to Grade 12

Dear students
Here Attached samples of EMSA for all subjects for all grades
English Reading
English Writing
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6 Responses to “EMSA All Subjects Grade 3 to Grade 12”

  1. خالد العطر8-4 قال:

    استاذ مشكوور أستاذ وايد بيفيدنا

  2. saif shaalan 8-4 قال:

    thx teacher for help

  3. ماجد العكبري قال:

    Thank you teacher

  4. Sultan Ketheri قال:

    Thanks teacher!
    This will be very helpful for us

  5. مبارك السيابي قال:

    lمشكور استاذ على اوراق امسه

  6. mohammed ahmed 8\2 قال:

    thanks teacher this will de very helpful for us

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