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IST – Description

Posted by on 2014/03/09



Dear students look at the picture

and answer the questions below




1) What can you see in the picture 


 2) What is the message in this visual  


3) Write a narrative about one of


the most beautiful places in the UAE  

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143 Responses to IST – Description

  1. Tariq Refaat

    Hamad Almazroui

    what does it mean


  2. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad Ali

    So confusing answer
    please write again what do you mean

  3. Tariq Refaat

    Zayed Khalifa

    Many spelling mistakes
    I can’t understand any

  4. Tariq Refaat

    Khalid Khori
    number 1 & 2 are ok
    But number three
    What is that

    I asked you to write
    a story about the place
    not to copy information about it

  5. Tariq Refaat

    Ali 7-4

    again number 1 & 2 are ok
    but number 3

    what is that

  6. Tariq Refaat

    Abdullah Moqbel

    What a wonderful student you are
    Excellent story
    Thank you

  7. Tariq Refaat


    Good answer
    but where is the story

  8. Tariq Refaat

    Abdullah Alshadfan

    Good answer
    I asked you to write
    a story about the place
    you like most

    Where is the story

  9. Tariq Refaat

    Sultan Tariq
    again where is the story

  10. Tariq Refaat

    Saleh Mohamad
    Alwadi Mall
    I love it
    not him

    good and nice try
    Thank you

  11. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad Abdullah
    Good story
    Thank you

  12. Tariq Refaat

    Saif Alali
    You are excellent and smart
    please Saif
    Help yourself to be better

  13. Tariq Refaat

    Ahmad Mohamad
    Good post
    But where is the story?

  14. Tariq Refaat

    Saoud Alhamadi
    but I asked you to write a story

  15. Tariq Refaat

    Sultan Ali


    Where is the story

  16. Tariq Refaat

    King 7-4
    there is a man
    not are
    complete the story please

  17. Tariq Refaat

    Salim Mohamad
    good story

    Thank you

  18. Tariq Refaat

    Abdullah Hamdan

    nice try abdullah

  19. Tariq Refaat

    Zayed Hamad
    I asked you to write a story

    not just information about
    your favourite place

  20. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad nabeil
    where is the answer to
    number 2

  21. Tariq Refaat

    Salem salih
    Complete your answer

  22. Tariq Refaat

    Ali zaid

    Thank you
    good answer

  23. Tariq Refaat

    We mnust be healthy

  24. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad Mubarak

    where is the story

  25. Tariq Refaat

    Saeed Alshehhi

    Thank you
    good answer

  26. Tariq Refaat

    Falah Eisa

    Good but
    the story is too short

  27. Tariq Refaat


    Thank you
    good answer

  28. Tariq Refaat

    Sultan Omar

    Thank you
    good answer

  29. Tariq Refaat

    Amin Samer

    Thank you
    Where is the story

  30. Tariq Refaat

    Ahmad Alwehebi

    Thank you
    good answer

  31. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad Alnaqbi
    Where is the story

  32. Tariq Refaat

    Abdulaziz alabri

    Thank you
    but where is the story

  33. Tariq Refaat

    Abdulaziz saleh
    where is the story

  34. Tariq Refaat

    Don’t copy

    write as tory by yourself

  35. Tariq Refaat

    Khalifa Alshamsi
    Nice answers
    but please
    write a story

  36. Tariq Refaat

    Rashed Jamal

    You are the best in here

  37. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad Alnahdi

    Nice answer

  38. Tariq Refaat

    Sultan Saoud

    we are not playing in here

  39. Tariq Refaat

    Sultan Abdullah

    Where is the story

  40. Tariq Refaat

    Zayed Ali
    Where is the story

  41. Tariq Refaat

    Khalil Ahmad
    Nice answers

    Thank you

  42. thani rashed alromathi 7\3

    1-I can see a piece of broccoli with a house inside
    2- the message is to eat vegetables specially broccoli to have a healthy body
    3- last week I and my friends went to Burj Khalifa in Dubai we enjoyed looking at the nice view of the building we came back home at night

  43. ali alhammadi

    1. brokly
    2. the brokly is helthy
    4. yourop

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