Our site in Press again

mohamad & rashed

For the second year our site

is making a great progress

Alkhaleeg Newspaper posted

a very nice article

About electronic




Our project was a good example

to prove the success of

using new media tools in learning


Or Click here



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2 Responses to “Our site in Press again”

  1. saeedalimohammwd قال:

    1_ The meaning of it’s raining cats and dogs is —————————– .
    .raining very heavily
    2_ .The meaning of he is jumping of joy
    .he is very happy
    3_ .He is the apple of my eyes means
    .he is very important to me and true love
    4_ .Have a heart means
    .to show kindness and sympathy
    5_ .His heart is like a stone means
    .he is strong , can not be loved , not kind

  2. Tariq Refaat قال:

    Saeed Ali

    please keep it up

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