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The Clear Choice

Posted by on 2013/10/28


Dear students read the given

story and answer the following questions

1- Where did the story take place

2- Who are the characters of the story

3- What ‘s the problem of the story.

4- What was Rachel last choice

5- Describe the character of Rachel

6- try to find the link between

the story and healthy lifestyle

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66 Responses to The Clear Choice

  1. Abood M7yas

    1:- Mrs.Grimes class
    2:- Rachel-Mrs.Grims-Amanda-jenney
    3:- Rachel can’t see wvery good and she don’t want to tell the class
    4:- to tell amanda and jenny that she wear glasses
    5:- study girl that can’t see and don’t want to tell about it
    6:- you need to eat carrot or vegtibele to see well or either you were glasses

  2. abdulla khalifa 7-3

    1 in school

    2- rachel/mrs grimes/jenny

    rachel have prombelm in math-3

    to lern -3

    4- hi not fuces in lesson

  3. Rashed Altunaiji 7-3

    1-the story take place in a class room
    2- rachel mr grims jenny amanda
    3- rachel cant see the boared and nedd to wear glasses and she dont want to changed hear seat
    to wear glasses -4
    rachel love jenny and amanda-5
    6- if you dont see eat carrot

  4. محمد صقر الزعابي

    1- The School
    2- Rachel,Mr Grimes,Jenny,
    3-Rachel dont want thier friends that she want to wear glasses
    4- Wear their glasses
    5- Shy
    6-If you cant see far distance you should wear glasses

  5. yousif alkaff

    1-at the school
    2-rachel – mrs grims -jennys -rachel friend -amanda-
    3-that rache couldnt see the bord to copy the problems
    4-that she will wear her glasses
    5-she loves her friends
    6-that we must wear glasses if our eye power is weak an we must eat carrot to make it stronger

  6. khalifa ali

    in the class
    rachel jenny amanda mrs grims
    she didn’t want to where her glasses in the class
    to wear the glasses to sit with her friends
    she’s helpful

  7. ali abdulla7-3

    1-in the school
    rachel couldn’t see the board from the back of the room-3
    4-to wear her glasses
    5-she was don’t here there friend in the first time
    6-if you don’t see good you must wear a glasses

  8. ali alhammadi 7/3

    1. school
    2. richy / mes
    3. boy have a problm with math
    4. focis in the stadi
    5.he is shy
    6. to thenk

  9. عبدالله احمد العلي

    an the school.1
    rachel squinted mr grimes.2
    it like you re nearsinghted.3
    to do the glases.4
    the geneas .5

  10. rashed mohammed

    1- in the school
    2- rashel adn amanda jenny
    3- her friends dont know the math works
    4- move her glasses
    5- he loved her friends
    6- dont move your glasses if your eye weak and eat carot to make your eye strong

  11. jaber mohamed alhosani

    1 in the class
    2 rachel,his freind and mrs.grimes
    3 rachel try to copy the priplems from jenny
    4 rachel come back to hir disk
    5 she like to learn
    6 she was happy

  12. sultan abdullah

    1- an the school
    2- mr grimes
    3- it sounds like you mnearsighted

  13. mohamed almuhairi 7-3

    1 in the class
    2 racehl is something wrong
    3 racehl try to copy
    4 racehal come back
    5 class whrer everyone
    6 jenny and amanda that she needed to wear glasses

  14. khalifa saif almamari

    1:at the schoole
    3:it sounds like yuore nearsighted
    4:move here glasses
    5:he love here frend
    6:dont move your glasses if your eye weak

  15. abdullah khalfan alromaithi 7-3

    1-at the school

    2-mr. grimes/rachel/jenny/amanda

    3-rachel chouldnot see the board from the back of room

    4-to got glasses in third grade

    5- she is shy

    6- glasses

  16. mubarak Saleh

    1 in the class
    2 racehl is something wrong
    rachl try to copy 3
    4 racehal camo back
    5 class of no

  17. omair yaqoob

    1:IN the room


    3:she canot see the board from the back of the room

    4:she were a glasses

    5:she like lerning

    6:jenny and amanda that she needed to wear glasses

  18. fahad

    1-in the room
    2-rashel_her friends_jenny_mr grims
    3-she canot see the board from the back of the room
    4-she were a glasses
    5-she like lerning
    6-jenny and amanda that she needed to wear glasses

  19. saeedalimohammed

    1 the class
    2 rechel his frind and mrs grimes
    3 rechel try copythepriplems from jenny
    4 rechelcome backto her dick
    5 she like larning
    6 jenny and amanda that she needed to wear glasses

  20. حميد العلي

    1-an the scool
    2-rachel -mas- jenny
    3-rachel couldn’t see the board from the back of the room
    4-she will were a glasses
    5-she love lernig
    6-she have problem in heir eye she sohuld wear glasses

  21. humaid ahmed alromaithi 7-3

    1-in the school
    3-rachel couldn’t see the board from the back of the room
    4-she will were a glasses.
    5-she love lernning
    6-she have problem in heir eye she sohuld wear glasses

  22. saoud ali alhammadi 7-4

    in the school-1
    Rachel,mrs grimes, jonny, Amanda-2.
    Rachel couldt see the board-3
    to wear glasses-4

  23. 7/4 Abdullah shadfan

    1-The story takes place at school.

    2-The characters of the story are Rachel,Mrs.Grimes,Amanda and Jenny
    3- The problem is Rachel couldn’t see the board from the back.
    4-Rachel choose to wear glasses and stay at the back with her friends.
    5-Rachel is shy,scared,worried and no confident to herself.
    6-Based on the story and what we learned about healthy lifestyle I may link the story by saying that she do not have balance diet like eating healthy food specially carrots and spending a lot of times in electronic games,etc. that may cause her eyes damage.

  24. Ahmad mohamed7/4

    1- in the class room

    2- mrs.grimes_jenny_rachel

    3- she slid over inher seat.mrs grimes

    4- That eear glasses

    5- Smart and brave

    6- To maintain its consideration

  25. khalifa alshehhi

    1-in the class
    2-rachel-Mrs grimes- jenny-parents-Amanda-rachel friend
    3-rachel lied she say”Idont copy but I dont see good and the teacher say for amanda go sit at the back and say for rechel come sit in amanda place and amanda be sad
    4- sit at the back and ware a glass
    5-rechel character is be afraid from the teacher and when she afraid she lied
    6-if will copy or you lied you make every thing from your you will eat from your mind

  26. khalid alkhoori 7/4

    1the story took place at a school

    2The characters are Rachel,mrs grimes ,jenny,her friends

    3the problem was that Rachel suffering nearsighted

    4she doesn’t selfconfident, she feels shame, she was not trying to cheat

    5the link between the story and healthy lifestyle is very strong because the healty of eyes is very important

  27. fahad salem alhammadi

    ate a healthy food for a healthy body and musels

  28. Sultan Omar

    In the school
    Rachel amanda jenny mrs grimes
    She cant see the the board
    stay in the back and wear her glasses

  29. amin samer

    at the school

    rachel and the teacher
    rachel cant see from the back because she dosnt wear glasses

    rachel last choice is she have to wear glasses

    healthy lifestyle is telling you to be healthy and this story telling you dont play too much vedio games

  30. khalil ahmed 7-1

    where does the story take place? the place was in the school

    who are the characters? rachel mr.grimes amanda

    what was the last choice of rachel ? the last choice was waerieng glasses

    what was the problem of the story ? rachel dont want to weare glasses

    the link of the clear choce and healthy life style is that we dont play to much ps3 or many elctronic things so we dont weare glasses

  31. falah eissa

    in the school the man he dont have his glass thes

  32. mohammed alnaqbi

    in the school
    rachel dont want to were the glasses

  33. rashed khaled 7/1

    the vetamine

  34. rashed jamal

    2-Rachel – the teacher
    3-Rachel have nearsighted
    4-To wear the glasses
    6-healthy life style is talking about how to have healthy life style & Rachel Story Is Talking About Rachel That she have nearsighted

  35. abdulrahman

    rachel – the teacher.2
    rachelshe dont cant see from back.3
    to were her glsses.4
    she was a good student.5
    we must do sports and eat healthy food

  36. mohammed alnaqbi

    dont were the glasses
    nice character

  37. khalifa _alshamsi

    2-rachel – the teacher
    3-rechel she dont cant see from back
    4-to where her glasses
    5-she was a good student
    6-we must playsports and eat Healthy food

  38. Tariq Refaat

    rashed khalid
    What do you mean

  39. Tariq Refaat

    Sultan Omar
    Very well done
    Thank you

  40. Tariq Refaat

    Fahd Salim

    What do you mean
    Where are the answers

  41. Tariq Refaat

    Khalid Khori
    Very Excellent answer
    Thank you

  42. Tariq Refaat

    Ahmad Mohamad 7-4
    Thank you

    you are excellent

  43. Tariq Refaat

    Khalifa Alshehhi
    what a wonderful answer

    thank you very much

  44. Tariq Refaat

    Abdullah Shadfan
    Very well done

    thank you

  45. Tariq Refaat

    Saoud Ali
    Very good
    Thank you

  46. Tariq Refaat

    Humaid Ahmad 7-4
    Thank you
    well done

  47. Tariq Refaat

    Humaid Alali
    care about your spelling
    thank you

  48. Tariq Refaat

    Saeed Ali Mohamad
    but make spaces between words

  49. Tariq Refaat

    Thank you
    well done

  50. Tariq Refaat

    Omair Yaaqoob
    Thank you
    well done

  51. Tariq Refaat

    Mubarakl Saleh
    Thank you
    but what do you mean by camo
    class of no


  52. Tariq Refaat

    Abdullah Khalfan
    Thank you

  53. Tariq Refaat

    Khalifa Saif
    Thank you
    well done

  54. Tariq Refaat

    Muhamad Almuhairi
    Thank you
    well done

  55. Tariq Refaat

    Sultan Abdullah
    Thank you

  56. Tariq Refaat

    Jaber Alhosani
    Thank you
    well done

  57. Tariq Refaat

    Rashed Mohamd
    Thank you
    well done

  58. Tariq Refaat

    Abdullah Alali

    number 5 geneas
    what do you mean

  59. Tariq Refaat

    Ali Alhammadi
    Thank you
    But think
    not thenk
    study not stadi
    focus not focis

  60. Tariq Refaat

    Ali Abdullah
    Thank you
    well done

  61. Tariq Refaat

    Khalifa Ali
    You always impress me
    thank you

  62. Tariq Refaat

    Yousef Alkaf
    you are always the best in here

  63. Tariq Refaat

    Mohamad Saqer
    Thank you
    well done

  64. Tariq Refaat

    Rashed Altunaiji
    Thank you
    well done

  65. Tariq Refaat

    Abdullah Khalifa
    your spelling
    is poor
    try to improve it

  66. Tariq Refaat

    Abdullah Almehyas
    you always impress me
    thank you

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